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XTAR VP2 Battery Charger
XTAR VP2 Battery Charger
XTAR VP2 Battery Charger
XTAR VP2 Battery Charger
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XTAR VP2 Battery Charger

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The Xtar VP2 Battery Charger is perfect for vapers who care about their 18650 batteries. With a digital screen and variable amp charge rate, this is a premium battery charger


  • 2 Independent charging slots - that way the load from on battery charging doesn't slow down the charging of the other battery
  • Digital readout display - so you can accurately see the conditions of your charging battery
  • Algorithmic charging system - that way your charger can adjust to the changing conditions of your battery for the best possible efficiency
  • Over charging activation system - to help your battery recover from over charging
  • 3 stage, soft charge  - this help protect your battery from the initial jolt of power when charging
  • Reverse polarity protection - just in case you put the battery in backwards
  • Can fit: 10440/16340/14500/14650/17500/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700