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How To Clean Your Electronic Cigarette

Posted by Dan toebe on 2/17/2012 to Tutorials

Cleaning Your E-Cig

It seems everyday I get calls from customers who want to know how to maintain and clean their batteries, atomizers, or cartomizers. That being said, I think it's time that I write about maintaing your vape. Proper cleaning and maintenance will help you enjoy your vape products longer!


Wondering how to clean your cartomizer? The most direct answer is DON'T! The cartomizer is really a one week thing. The fact is that the polyfill inside a cartomizer is not something that will flush out or clean easily. I myself have tried to clean a cartomizer and found that it ruined the flavors when it would fire. However, it would rarely fire after cleaning.

Now that does't mean that you shouldn't buy a cartomizer. Cartomizers are great cost effective ways to enjoy your vape! Just keep in mind that a cartomizer shouldn't be cleaned. Also, the DCT Delrin MAP Tank and the SmokTech eGo Dual Coil Tank both utilize cartomizers and these are great products. What makes them great products is the fact that the cartomizer is replaceable! When the cartomizer dies all you need do is remove it and replace it with a SmokTech Factory Punched dual coil cartomizer! What that means is you can clean and keep your tanks! 


To clean an atomizer all you need do is flush it through with rubbing alcohol or unflavored Vodka. I like to submerge my atomizers in rubbing alcohol then blow them out. I then let them air dry for about and hour. Once you've done that just prime the atomizer as if were new and start to vape! While atomizers will (as all electronic devices) eventually die this simple little trick can extend the life of the atomizer and help your favorite flavors shine!


With out a doubt, I get more calls per day about batteries. Many new users are unaware that all batteries need to be cleaned. Heck, many long time users seem to be in the dark here as well. That being said, lets get the word out. ALL BATTERIES NEED MAINTENANCE! You know that nice eGo 1000mAh Twist that you just got? You got to clean it. The Zolt, you got to clean it. The SmokTech Bolt MOD, you got to clean it! I think there is a theme here!

While batteries should NEVER be submerged or ANY liquid used on them. They still must be cleaned! All of us, from time to time, over drip into our atomizers. The tanks we use will eventually leak into the battery. 

Now, these leaks and over drips aren't a scourge killing batteries left and right, however they can be problematic. Over time these drips can eat away at the connection where the battery and atty/carto meet causing a weak fire or even an internal short that will kill even the most robust battery. I've seen eGo batteries that had fried connectors in them from not being maintained well. I've seen the SmokTech Bolt MOD firing button become gummed up so much that it ceases to fire!

The easiest way to clean a battery is with some tissue and a cotton swab. You can wipe the body of the battery with the tissue and then roll a corner up and place it in the slot containing the firing pin (where you attach the atty/carto). The cotton swab is especially effective here! You should also clean your charger in the same way. You should clean your MOD's the same way. By taking these simple steps you will be ensuring the quality of your vape experience!

Happy Vaping!


The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Ecisgupply LLC.

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